Genius Spiral Stairs

Welcome to the NEW GENIUS
the stair that gives YOU the choice.

Choose from

  • Traditional Circular Spiral staircases
  • NEW 2:easy tread – Designed for the smaller spiral stair to evenly space the treads so that it is easier to walk up and down – click for more info…
  • Square Spiral Staircase – Makes the most use of a corner space

More balustrade Choices – square or round spindles, cables, or horizontal stainless rods.

Choice of centre pole – now available in either metal or wood in an increased range of metal colours and wood finishes.

Please note that the 120dia does not meet the 100mm gap rule. If you require to meet this rule and cannot fit a larger diameter please note that an extra spindle per tread can be supplied please ring 0203 174 2502 for details.