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Custom Made for Scavolini, West Broadway, New York
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Estairs extensive range of Designer and Commercial Flights and Staircases are fully customised to our customers needs.

Custom finishes and materials are available to order, please contact us for details.

A few points to consider when choosing your staircase.

Stair support
  • Central column suitable for treads up to 1000mm
  • Cantilever, requires a bearing wall approximately 12cm thick
  • For non bearing walls a metal rib is available which may remain visible or hidden in the wall
  • Stringers, which may be straight or zig-zag in shape manufactured from either mild steel painted or stainless steel
Glass Balustrade
  • Glass balustrade may be supported in a frame.
  • Frameless glass can be fixed to the side of stringers or 600mm treads with stainless steel bolts for a stylish look
  • On stringers the glass may be inset into the stringers for a more streamlined look
  • Handrails may be fitted to the top of the glass, or side fitted onto the glass or be wall mounted
  • Treads are normally supplied as beech or oak for internal and iroko for external use. Other woods are available
  • Glass is available clear, coloured etched and non slip finishes
  • Steel is available stamped or laser cut

Various other designs are available only limited by your imagination.

Typical Project Timeline
Client Supply:- Drawings / Specification / Photographs
Estairs Quotation
Client Order with Deposit
Estairs Site Survey - Drawings
Client Sign Drawings & Specifications
Manufacturer 5 weeks on average
Delivery 5 working days
Install 2 days on average


To proceed and for us to provide a budget quote please forward a sketch or plans (.dwg format) along with the floor to floor height and a telephone number to

  • Floor to floor height (H)
  • Ceiling thickness (S)
  • Ceiling hole dimensions (A x B)
  • Type and measurements of walls at departure and arrival floors (non-load bearing wall (T) and load bearing wall (P))
  • Position of obstacles (doors, windows, columns, heating devices, etc)
  • Position of pipes on floor or walls
  • Wall perpendicularity
  • Measure for extra balustrade for ceiling hole or mezzanine protection

Solid Beech - Standard Wood Finishes




Medium Walnut



Platinum Grey

Graphite Black



Solid Beech - Premium Wood Finishes

Brushed Cream

Brushed Sand

Brushed Silver

Brushed Slate

Standard Metal Finishes

Brushed Light Grey

Brushed Black

Brushed White

Brushed Dark Grey

Brushed Dark Brown

Brushed Ivory

Brushed Light Brown

Premium Metal Finishes

(Also available in any available RAL colour)

Gloss Chrome

Matt White

Brushed Beige

Glass Finishes


Extra Clear


Light Blue





Varnished White

Varnished Black
Custom finishes and materials are available to order, please contact us for details.